The amazing, changeable video game industry

November 14, 2016

By Mikail Syed Back in the year of 1980, video games were pixelated animations installed into a cabinet, known as an arcade machine, played in places outside of home called arcades. Now, the video games have invaded the ho...

Zootopia Review

Emily Jetton and Aracely Brito

May 20, 2016

Disney’s “crime” movie    Another Disney movie about animals. Wonderful. Actually, Disney’s 2016 release Zootopia presents creatures in a way we never saw in Snow White or Cinderella. In this movie, the animals wear clothes, walk on two feet, and, yes, speak. ...

Mural of photos

Mural of photos

May 20, 2016

Summer Events: Iowa

Megan Boland

May 20, 2016

Looking for something fun to do around Iowa this summer? grab a few friends and check out these local events to make this summer the best one yet! ...

Open Season

compiled by Molly Howes, Ian Prescott, Kyra Stoll and Jordan Bailey

May 19, 2016

Bring on the freedom, layer that sunscreen, grab your shades and enjoy your summer with helpful tips and tricks to help you beat the heat!

How to make a banana-berry smoothie

Deniz Ince, WSS Intern

May 9, 2016

With summer approaching, fresh fruits will soon turn up on the shelves of groceries stores. An easy way to use them is to make a smoothie that is both nutritious and delicious. Here's how to make a refreshing banana-berry smoothie. ...