Rebekah Longmire’s Photos

Rebekah Longmire, WSS Intern

January 29, 2020


My brother Ray Scott holding a frozen cat tail after the ice storm.  Featured image.

Zoe Scott Photo Gallery

January 29, 2020

Zoey Guo’s Photo Gallery

Zoey Guo, WSS Intern

January 29, 2020

For the short time I have been taking Foundations of Journalism, I was most scared of the photography unit because I knew I wasn't good at taking photos and I always found it difficult to get interesting pictures of objects that...

Kevy Huynh '23 has fun with her friends outside of the temporaries during the break. The lines provided a great opportunity and Huynh rose to the occasion and had fun with it. -Freeform and featured.

Willow Oleson

January 29, 2020

(Jan 22) Kenton Huynh, and a canine friend named Tyke share a little moment while waiting to be called to dinner. (Feature)

Kevy Huynh

January 29, 2020