Varsity Boys Tennis video

Sanjeev Sarin

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Varisty boys tennis video

Edited and compiled by Sanjeev Sarin

Tennis. Tennis on a day to day bases, if your not a tennis player, isn’t really on your mind. When someone brings up sports, Tennis (again, unless your a tennis player) isn’t the first sport that comes to your mind. Why is that you suppose? It’s because our brains haven’t seen tennis players play at West High. Many of us haven’t seen the Varsity boys practice, how much hard work they put in, how much dedication they have, most people don’t see that. Thats why when someone said, “Tennis is gay” or “Tennis is not a real sport” then close your mouth and watch this video. Sorry for the sassiness but Tennis season has just started and the Varsity boys are already on a hot winning streak. The fierce urgency of now. This video will help illustrate how hard the boys practice from day to day.


(best viewed with headphones)


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Varsity Boys Tennis video