Film Club members produces first video

"Channel 79 special report", features two West students

Channel 79 Special report

Film Club had just finished making a movie. Here is a look as to what the results of making a movie in film club will be like.

This video was made by Fouad El-Kerdani and Miles Davies. With the special help of Peyton Freeney, Marshall Mollers and Peyton Follmer. Production started in March 8th and was finalized in May 10th, 2019. The plot is about a passenger train colliding with a civilian car while en route to a party and to teach the audience to not drive around the train tracks when a train is coming. This video was filmed in the West High School temp rooms, specifically temp room number two, (Mr. Mollers’s science room).



  • Miles Davies/director/reporter
  • Fouad El-Kerdani/co-director/writer/actor
  • Peyton Follmer/cinematographer
  • Peyton Freeney/Film Club president
  • Marshall Mollers/Overseer
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